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Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps ➡️

Make your office space work

A great meeting room management for your team

Make the most of every square foot with Comeen Workplace: release unused meeting rooms, make on-the-fly bookings and see the occupancy

Get the most out of the space you already have

We offer a notification to simply check-in or register to confirm your meeting room

With one click you can secure your meeting room and can start collaborating with your team. Check-in from a Google Chat app you'll receive on your usual tool and start collaborating with your teammates.

Automatic release of the meeting room if it’s unused

No one wants a busy room with no one in it: what happen if you don't check-in?

If the meeting organizer doesn't answer to the notification sent by Comeen Workplace chatbot, the meeting room is automatically released for others to use.

Free up the space you no longer use for others

It's time for your meeting! Or has it been cancelled?

You can cancel your meeting room or release it with a chat you received, if you no longer need it. Same if it ends earlier than its scheduled time, so others use the room if they need it.

We deployed Comeen in 3 countries with a very high  and fast buy in from users. Comeen team is listening closely to our request and push new features on a regular basis, which is much appreciated. We will continue to deploy it, more buildings, more employees, more features has it simplify our flex desk management 🤝

Sébastien Levrot
IT Director Enabling Functions @Imerys

Access all these features directly from your tools

The philosophy behind Comeen Workplace is not to create a new tool, it's to be integrated in the tool you already know.

You can access your Comeen Workplace application and receive chats from:

Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Chat app

Microsoft Teams


Workplace from Meta

One-click connection to your meeting space and rooms

Simple, fast and efficient synchronization between Comeen and your existing space

Comeen Workplace makes it one-click to sync your meeting rooms with your Google Workspace account. Simply log in and import your Meet rooms to collaborate with your team. At Comeen we know the Google APIs inside and out.

A relevant management of (ghosts) recurring events

Oops, somebody forgot to delete the meeting room for the last annual project

As a result, the meeting room is booked indefinitely and no one else can use it. With Comeen Workplace, if the meeting room is not checked-in X times in a row, it's automatically removed from the event.

Give the possibility to book from the meeting room

If you want to go even further, deploy QR Codes to book meeting rooms from

You want to give your employees the possibility to book a meeting room from the room without having to come back to their computer? It is possible from a QR Code that you can affix where you want. The user scans it, chooses the time and the room is booked.

The screen is your best friend for information

At a glance, see which room is available, read info and book it from a screen

If you want the best possible experience for your collaborators: you can deploy screens in front of the meeting rooms to easily see which room is available and book the room from the screen.

See the room occupancy

Before you knock, look at the screen. With Comeen Workplace, you can see all the information about the meeting.

Access to all the data

See when it started, how long it lasts, how many people are in the room, the people and companies present.

Privacy you say?

Of course Comeen Workplace allows you to hide all info if you consider a meeting more confidential than another.

Key features of Comeen Workplace 's room management

Time saving

Comeen Workplace reduces the time spent on manual booking

Ghosts meetings

Automatically remove events or release meeting rooms


Never forget your meeting or your meeting room

Room management

Manage your meeting room space all-in-one place

Privacy controls

Hide meeting names and informations to protect sensitive meetings

Office analytics

Get all your meeting rooms data to improve your office

Custom rules

Control access to rooms and show what is and isn't available to book

Data exports

Download a copy of your space usage and use it for your dashboards

Enhance your meeting room

Simplify meeting room booking in Google Calendar and make your space work for your team. Make the most of every square foot with Comeen Workplace, do more with the same space and enjoy better productivity 🤝

Discover our solution

Get a full tour of Comeen Workplace

Let your team plan in-office days, book a desk, check-in meeting room or welcome a visitors.

Discover what our workplace management platform can offers you 🤝

Book a desk to come to the office

The best hot desk booking experience for Google Workspace. Book a desk easily in your flex office space. Check-in, access building plan from our Google Calendar/Gmail add-on.

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Collaborate with your team

Book meeting rooms with specific criteria. Receive Google Chat app notifications before meetings begin to free or confirm booking. Check-in easily from our add-on.

Meeting room management →
Say hello to your visitors

Send instructions and registration form to visitors that will come to your office. Deploy our kiosk app on any hardware to let them check-in when they arrive.

Visitor management →
Understand your space

Get all your workplace analytics in one place. Access to your teams data in Comeen Workplace, create great dashboard in Google Data Studio and use them to improve your workplace.

Workplace analytics →

Find out how our customers use Comeen

Imerys facilitates global internal communication across 5 countries

Discover how Imerys stay consistent across 20+ languages and 16k employees

Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

Discover how Nubank uses Comeen Workplace to manage attendance and modernize the banking industry

TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees

Discover how TIER implement the hybrid office to empower employees to declare attendance

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