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Desk booking for a better workplace

Book your own desk for your in-office days

Comeen Workplace helps you manage your workplace and make the office more accessible for everyone

Desk booking with Comeen


In just a few clicks, book your desk for your in-office days


Integrated in your usual tool, you can access it everywhere and all the time


Your team can follow your attendance and your workplace improves

Book your own space for your day in the office

From your calendar, plan your work week and reserve the spot you want to work on

Find and book a desk from anywhere with Comeen Workplace. In a few clicks choose your day, building, floor and area. A desk is assigned to you so you can get your work day started.

Choose a desk next to your favorite colleague

Pick your day and see who's already coming and where they will be seated

Nobody wants to be alone on a floor on a work day. With Comeen Workplace you can add the colleague you want to sit next to! The desk assigned to you will be (super) close to your colleague.

Select your criterias to find the best place to work

Improve your productivity by finding the place that you need

Do you prefer to be seated next to a window? With a dual screen? Choose it when you book. Comeen Workplace will book you a desk with all your criteria. Easy, is it not?

Find your way more easily

Don't get lost in the office

Save time with your office floor plan directly inside your Comeen app. Use the locate me feature to find your way easily if you don't know the floor or the area.

See where the location of your booking

An highlighted way to get there

Locate your teammates

Exchange a nice coffee

In Comeen Workplace, you can see the desk locations of your teammates. Simply access your office floor map in your Comeen app and you'll see your team around you.

Go and meet them for a coffee

Improve your productivity for meetings

Plan in-office days

Empower employees to find the best days to come back to the office. Discover how Comeen can help your workplace become the most efficient and simple ⚡️

Discover our solution

Your in-office journey

Check-in to secure your venue and booking ✅

Check-in from our Comeen App
Free up your desk if you're not coming anymore
Your presence is recorded 🤝
You can also check-in from a QR Code on your office desk
Or receive an automatic notification from our Google Chat app and check-in

Access all these features directly from your tools

The philosophy behind Comeen is not to create a new tool, it's to be integrated in the tool you already know.

You can access your Comeen application and receive chats from:

Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Chat app

Microsoft Teams


Workplace from Meta

Deploy Comeen Workplace in 1 click by syncing your offices in two clicks

Install, import and synchronize all your building existing data in a few minutes

Comeen Workplace lets you directly import your buildings, spaces and meeting rooms in a few clicks with our integrations (or manually if you prefer). Just set up your Comeen account, importe your buildings and create your desks.

Start designing your space for more productivity

Create your own space into Comeen Workplace and add all your office desks in seconds

Your desk list can be imported from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or copy/paste. Use an existing floor map or create a new one and start zoning your space. Add your desks in a few clicks automatically after that!

Create your desk equipment easily to help your team

After setting up your Comeen Workplace account, one thing left: your equipment lists

Import or create your desk equipments lists to allow your team to book them when they come at the office. A dual screen, a parking spot, a place near the window, adapt the company to your team's needs.

Customization all the way

Your company, your choice. You can activate the desk booking only on the zones, floors or buildings you are interested in.

Logical rules you say?

Some offices or desks may not be available for booking (chair problem, no light, cleaning...). Simply add a rules into Comeen Workplace.

Reserved spaces

If you don't want the marketing area to be bookable for the sales team, you can create a rule. Or for an event for example.

Key features of Comeen Workplace's desk booking

Desk booking

Empower your team to plan their venue and book their own space

Everywhere app

Give your employees a tool they can use, already integrated everywhere

Desk equipments

Improve the office experience by giving additional equipment


Let your team meet and sit next to whoever they want

Floor plan

Create a great floor plan for your team to refer to and find their way

Office analytics

Get all your team's data on presences, equipments, check-ins

Custom rules

Control access to areas and show what is and isn't available to book

Data exports

Download a copy of your workplace analytics and use it

Get a full tour of Comeen Workplace

Let your team plan in-office days, book a desk, check-in meeting room or welcome a visitors.

Discover what our workplace management platform can offers you 🤝

Book a desk to come to the office

The best hot desk booking experience for Google Workspace. Book a desk easily in your flex office space. Check-in, access building plan from our Google Calendar/Gmail add-on.

Desk booking →
Collaborate with your team

Book meeting rooms with specific criteria. Receive Google Chat app notifications before meetings begin to free or confirm booking. Check-in easily from our add-on.

Meeting room management →
Say hello to your visitors

Send instructions and registration form to visitors that will come to your office. Deploy our kiosk app on any hardware to let them check-in when they arrive.

Visitor management →
Understand your space

Get all your workplace analytics in one place. Access to your teams data in Comeen Workplace, create great dashboard in Google Data Studio and use them to improve your workplace.

Workplace analytics →

Find out how our customers use Comeen

Imerys facilitates global internal communication across 5 countries

Discover how Imerys stay consistent across 20+ languages and 16k employees

Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

Discover how Nubank uses Comeen Workplace to manage attendance and modernize the banking industry

TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees

Discover how TIER implement the hybrid office to empower employees to declare attendance

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