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Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps ➡️

Broadcast your content on your screens

You don't need to be next to your screens to set up your content delivery

With Comeen Play, you have control over all your screens from your computer and your smartphone.

Control the display of your screens

In one click ✅

Create quickly

To manage your different screens and your content, you can create playlists. A series of different elements that you choose, a video, a photo, a text, an ad; and that you display in a precise order.

Edit easily

Wherever you are, you have control of all your screens and you can see in a blink of an eye the content being broadcast. In 1 click, you can modify and correct what is displayed. All this from our web and mobile interface.

Relevant content on your screens, all the time

Display relevant informations. Your content is readable and understandable.

Everything is possible with Comeen Play 🚀


Choose the language of your platform, but also the language in which you want to broadcast your playlists! Hello🇬🇧Hola🇪🇸


Define when and how subtitles are displayed on your videos. Manage all your screens easily from our platform.

Sleep mode

Configure the automatic sleep mode of your screens and enter the sleep and wake-up times of your screens.

Screen rotation

Adapt the format of your screen and its rotation, directly in the settings of your screens. More horizontal or vertical?

Analyze the status of your screens in one click

Manage your screen fleet in a few clicks from your device, anywhere, anytime

Wherever you are, you are in control of your screens and you know their status in real time. In the blink of an eye, you can diagnose the health of your screens.

At a glance

Access all the technical details about your devices among more than 30 parameters: installation location, properties, hardware and operating system, network data (connection type, MAC addresses, IPv4), etc.

Saving money

You can save money by scheduling your screens to sleep. Configure the automatic sleep mode of your screens and enter the sleep and wake-up times of your screens. You will save money and your accountant will be happy!

Easy and done

You want to install a new screen in addition to your park? t's easy to deploy your screen fleet. Configure a screen once and you can apply its settings to all your screens everywhere else with one click.

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When it comes to display content, Comeen Play is a great product, easy to implement and use. It also has good support team and easy to reach…⚡️

Jaylson Cardoso
IT Service Delivery Manager Deskside Support Service and Platform @Veolia North America

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Create and share your internal communication simply to your teams at any time.

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Create or import your content

Comeen Play lets you display the content you want on your screens from a simple to use platform. From small to large companies, use your screens differently and communicate with your employees and teams!

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Collaborate with your team

Quick and easy user management: manage your content and playlists according to the rights given to the users. Create organizations so that each entity manages its own content.

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Manage your screen fleet in a few clicks

You have control over all your screens from your devices. Display your content on every screen in the company-at the reception desk, in your open space, in your meeting and catering rooms.

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Connect your teams to all your screens

Comeen Play is easy to deploy and certainly compatible with your displays and operating systems. Just download the application and start sharing your content around the world.

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Find out how our customers use Comeen

Imerys facilitates global internal communication across 5 countries

Discover how Imerys stay consistent across 20+ languages and 16k employees

Nubank manage the hybrid schedule of 8200 employees in LATAM

Discover how Nubank uses Comeen Workplace to manage attendance and modernize the banking industry

TIER manages the hybrid office for 1400 employees

Discover how TIER implement the hybrid office to empower employees to declare attendance

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