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Comeen Workplace x Workplace from Meta

Comeen Workplace offers a Workplace from Meta chatbot to improve your workplace with features like booking a desk, seeing your weekly planning and welcoming your visitors directly from a chat

Workplace from Meta

The all-in-one business communication platform from Meta that securely combines chat, video, groups and your intranet with the work tools you already use.

Included in Comeen Workplace

Comeen Workplace helps you manage flexible building and understand how they are used. Empower your team to plan in-office attendance, book a desk or a meeting room ⚡️

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Why should you use the Workplace from Meta chatbot?

If your company uses Workplace from Meta as a communication tool, you are 100% compatible with Comeen Workplace. Improve your daily business life easily from a complete chatbot.

You can plan your days at work, book a desk, free a meeting room, be notified of visitors' arrival: all from a chat ⚡️

So you just keep your main tool and you improve your workplace, pretty easy right?

Schedule your day at the office and spend your week easily

Directly from your Workplace from Meta chat, you can interact with Comeen Workplace. You can see your schedule for the next week, but also modify it.
Choose on which day you go to the office in one click from the chat!

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Be notified by your guest directly in your messages and welcome them

In addition to confirming your presence at work or even planning your week at the office: the Comeen Workplace chatbot in Workplace from Meta allows you to be notified when your visitors arrive.

When a guest checked-in in the kiosk of the building on the day of the meet: the host will be notified of his arrival.

Visitors management with Comeen Workplace →

From a chat, free your place: in the office or in the meeting room

If you come to the office, to guarantee your place you will need to check in. If you have booked a meeting room you will also need to confirm it to avoid ghosts meetings.

All this can be done directly from the chatbot. Just wait to receive the notification from Comeen Workplace and confirm your presence or need!

More Comeen's integrations

Discover all the possible integrations with Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace

Chrome Enterprise

Comeen Play is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended. Understand what it means.

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With Comeen Play, easily display your LumApps news anywhere on multiple screens.

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Microsoft Teams

Comeen Workplace provides a complete Microsoft Teams application to deploy with your team.

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Post your internal communications on your Yammer intranet with Comeen Play.

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Share your Facebook posts and company news on one or more of your screens with Comeen Play.

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Looker Studio

Formerly Google Data Studio. Display your dashboards and create new ones with your analytics.

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