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Comeen Workplace selected for 2023 Recommended Google Workspace Apps ➡️

Share all your Tweets on your screens

Comeen Play x Twitter

Broadcast your recent Tweets with Comeen Play's Twitter integration to improve your internal communication and engage your team


Twitter is a social network known for its messages limited to 240 characters.

Included in Comeen Play

Comeen Play helps you improve your office experience by making your digital signage screens impactful. Fluidify your internal communication thanks to 20+ integrations ⚡️

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Encourage your employees and customers to respond and share your Tweets

Improve your internal communication with your Tweets

Do you have a corporate Twitter account but lack engagement on it? Maybe your employees are not aware of your posts. Post your latest news and corporate posts with our Twitter integration.

Follow trends and showcase your company sector

Follow important accounts or display your favorite topics

Want to follow a particular topic on Twitter to display to your employees? Or do you want to make your visitors aware in your company? Choose the accounts, topics and trends you want to broadcast with Comeen Play.

More Comeen's integrations

Discover all the possible integrations with Comeen Play and Comeen Workplace

Chrome Enterprise

Comeen Play is Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended. Understand what it means.

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With Comeen Play, easily display your LumApps news anywhere on multiple screens.

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Microsoft Teams

Comeen Workplace provides a complete Microsoft Teams application to deploy with your team.

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Post your internal communications on your Yammer intranet with Comeen Play.

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Share your Facebook posts and company news on one or more of your screens with Comeen Play.

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Looker Studio

Formerly Google Data Studio. Display your dashboards and create new ones with your analytics.

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